Why We Play Infinity

While I was writing one of my articles last week I got to pondering about what drew me to infinity and what brings us all to this community. This article has no strategy in it. If you want that check out my other posts. These are just the musings of a nerd on what we get out of playing tabletop games and why we keep coming back.

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Foxtrot Rangers Painting Part 1

For a long time I’ve dreaded painting camoflouge. I can do eyes, not perfectly, I can do hair, I can do details, but camo I have never been able to do it. I wanted to paint my Ariadna with camo. At first I wanted to go with a forest or desert theme, but that would be too close to the colors I’ve used for my Haqqislam. I decided to go with snow camo.

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USARF First Game thoughts

I finally whipped out my USARF and I’ve played two games with them. I havent had time to prime any of them yet, but i asdembled and played them over the Holiday season. I have a few preliminary thoughts and I will go over them here. Click to read more to see all my thoughts after my first two games. 

2017-12-13 18.23.01.jpg

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D&D miniature painting. 

I’m going to be playing in a new D&D campaign so I had to get a new miniature to use. This will be my character for the campaign. The miniature is just called Elf Druid by reaper miniatures. 

I did this paint job as a speed paint. From start to finish I spent 2 hours on her. It’s not my best work, but it was fun to paint. I usually spend way too much time on miniatures. Painting and repainting them trying to get them exactly perfect, with this miniature I decided to set a two hour time limit. Click to read more to see my progression. 

2018-01-07 10.35.19

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Devil Dogs

It has been about six months since I’ve built any miniatures, but I really do not remember it being this difficult. I spent part of the afternoon assembling the Devil Dogs, and let me tell you it was rough. The hand with the dagger for the Devil Dog did not want to stay in place no matter how long I held it. Here area  few pics of my assembly.


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US Ariadna Army Pack

After a brief hiatus I’m back. A few months back I picked up enough Ariadna miniatures to fill a small suitcase from my pal Joe at Fate and Fury Games. Always support your local shop first. This brings my army count up to four, Haqqislam, Nomads, Yu Jing and now Ariadna. I may have a problem. I think it would be easier to hold myself back if Corvus Belli would stop making their miniatures so purchasable.

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Maakrep Tracker Troop Review Part 2

It’s about time I wrote part two of my next troop review. Wow this took a long time. As I said in my last post life has been very busy and after a long work day it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to hobby. At any rate I’m back and here is my next troop review. This is part two of the Maakrep Tracker. You can find part one here.

Maakrep 2.jpg

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Finding Time to Hobby

If you haven’t noticed it’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly. Life unfortunately can get busy. Who ever thought that adulting could be so difficult. As children we often assume that when we grow up we can do what we want when we want and no one can tell us otherwise. We quickly learn that the only time in our life that this is the case is in college.


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Pathfinder Adventures

I started out with the Pre-made campaign of Rise of the Runelords, but the further I read into it the less I wanted to use it, but I did use the start that they suggested, but I changed just about everything from there.


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Tech Priest Dominus Painting

Welcome to part two of this post in my Tech Priest Dominus Painting. I am very excited to paint this guy up. Coming from Infinity the Game Warhammer 40k miniatures feel huge. I’m hoping that my abilities with painting have improved since the last time I painted Warhammer over 15 years ago. Let’s get started. Click read more to see the progression of this guy.

If you are new to how I do this each update I copy what I had already done and I add in the progress I made this week. When I am done it is a long step by step progression of the miniature.

2017-06-25 21.02.04.jpg

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